Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Rise Sushi Lounge

Sushi Dinner 
Atlanta has its share of excellent sushi places, my favorite of which is Nori Nori in Sandy Springs. However, Nori Nori is a massive sushi buffet and definitively lacks the sort of romantic feel I tend to expect when eating something as high-dollar as sushi. I've struggled to find a good sushi place with a nice atmosphere in Atlanta, at least until last Saturday. Sofi took me downtown to Rise Sushi Lounge, a couple of blocks away from Centennial Park. The place was eerily close to Georgia State's campus, so I was surprised I hadn't ever heard of it before. From the second we walked in the door, I kept thinking "I sure hope the food tastes as good as this place looks." We sat along the side wall of the restaurant that was covered in these sheer curtains with lights behind them. Quite classy, but this isn't an interior decorating blog, so I'll move on to the food.

Right, the food, and boy was there a lot of it! Sofi and I decided to split an appetizer of chicken yakatori, one of my personal favorites. We were sort of disappointed. Yakatori is traditionally bits of chicken thighs, legs, skin and other dark meat parts grilled and served on skewers. While it was elegantly presented, our "yakatori" ended up being nothing more than part of a grilled chicken breast served with ponzu sauce. It started becoming apparent that Rise is not a traditional Japanese restaurant.
Sashimi Dinner
On to the mains. Sofi decided on the Sashimi dinner, while I opted for the Sushi dinner. Both meals started out with a nice bowl of miso soup and a salad with a sweet ginger vinaigrette. The main courses themselves were chef's choice, so it was whatever kind of fish they decided to throw at us. Mine included tuna, salmon, marlin (not the best idea for sushi...), red snapper, squid, scallop and eel. Sofi had a similar assortment of sashimi, minus the scallop. The fish was incredibly fresh and of excellent quality, the tuna was almost buttery.
Sofi opted for dessert, which was a tempura fried apple and vanilla ice cream. Like I said before, this is certainly no traditional Japanese place, but the combination was interesting. I feel as if though the flavor of the apple gets lost in the tempura shell but it was definitely a cool fusion way to serve up a Japanese-style dessert.
Tempura Apple

If you're looking for a traditional Japanese restaurant in Atlanta, Rise may not be the choice for you. If you're looking for Asian-Fusion with a super comfortable atmosphere and upscale feel, than Rise is the place.
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