Tuesday, September 6, 2011


Some people like Fellinis, some people like Savage and they are entitled to their opinions. But the best pizza in Atlanta is at Rosa's.

Lunch is always super crowded; workers from the office buildings and students between classes all flock to Broad street for lunch. At $6.25 for two slices and a drink its a great value. You just can't find deals like that for good food anymore. Don't let the long line that wraps around the place put you off, they move through it fast.

My personal favorite toppings are hot Italian sausage (cut in slices, not crumbled) and ricotta cheese. If you don't like those, fear not, you have about 25 other toppings to choose from.
The pizza some of the best I've had, regardless whether it was in New York or not. I can't say enough about the place. Seriously, if you're downtown on a weekday, go to Broad street and have lunch at Rosa's. I don't need to give you an exact address, you'll smell the pizza a mile away!

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