Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Noodle Decatur

Atlanta has a million places to get Asian food. The Buford highway corridor is definitely the hotbed for all things Asian in the metro area, however, there are excellent choices closer to home as well (I suppose that's relative to where you live, isn't it?).

In any event, on Saturday, Sofi and I went to Noodle in Decatur. Noodle is definitively runs on the Americanized side of things. They offer non-pretentious Asian-inspired food that isn't hard on the wallet. The atmosphere of the place is definitely relaxed, with a tastefully appointed bar area. The track lighting in the place was probably my favorite bit, as was the outside patio, which is always slammed in the summertime. Most of the menu options are not traditional to any particular culture and are more simplified. That isn't the food they offer isn't delicious. Far from it. In fact, you can get some really excellent food here for next to nothing with a Scoutmob discount.

I ordered the Thai Peanut Noodles, one of the house specialties. First impressions were as follows:
1. I could take a bath in the bowl they just served this to me in (seriously, the portion size is absurd).
2. Flavor isn't bad at all, love the sauce in fact.
3. Could they have possibly put more red onions in this?!

I was sort of put off by that last bit because it really marred the flavor of the entire dish. It made it taste like peanuts and onions with no other depth of flavor beyond that. Sofi's dish, on the other hand, was excellent. She had a yellow curry noodle dish which was really superb. Excellent amount of spice in the dish as well as the broth the noodles were served in being cooked perfectly. Definitely would try this in the future.

All in all, my experience at Noodle was a mixed bag. The service was great, the atmosphere was awesome, but the food was mediocre. In all honesty, before I go spend money on Noodle again, I would just walk the extra five minutes to Garlic. At least I know what to expect: nothing short of Thai perfection.
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