Monday, January 23, 2012

Nori Nori

It seems that Atlanta has as many sushi places as McDonalds'. Some are good, some not so good. This is the case with many things. However, when you find a place you know is good, you can't stop talking about it. Such is the case with Nori Nori in Sandy Springs.

All-you-can-eat sushi for $16 is unheard of, especially with the amount of food that they offer. There are easily 50 different kinds of sushi out at one time; not just rolls, but also sashimi. I really love their spicy tuna rolls. Some of the best I've had anywhere. Sofi really liked the salmon roll; fairly similar to the tuna roll, just much less spicy.

If sushi isn't exactly your thing, there is also a huge selection of salads. Everything from Caesar (don't ask me why) to seaweed salads. My personal favorite was a cucumber / tomato salad with a rice wine vinaigrette. Nice combination of sweet and tangy. Hijiki salad, made from black seaweed however... Not exactly what I would call appetizing. Weird fishy-earthy taste. Just not my thing, I guess.

As for the hot food (which if you could guess, they also have a lot of), they have rib-eye steak and flank steak that are absolutely to die for. Both are basted in a teriyaki sauce that makes the meat extremely tender. A really interesting mix of tempura fried vegetables are also available (green beans and sweet potatoes were my favorite). Gyoza (Japanese pork dumplings) here are also incredible. Makes you wonder why you pay upwards of $5 for a few of them as an appetizer at so many places. I also really enjoyed the corn crab cakes they had.

For your sweet tooth, they have a ton of beautifully presented cakes, fresh fruit, and green tea ice cream. Can't exactly complain about that.

Basically, what I'm trying to convey to you is that if you're in Sandy Springs, have a $20 in your wallet, and aren't going to Nori Nori, you're out of your mind. This much FRESH food in one place makes it the best bet by a country mile.

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