Friday, June 1, 2012

Cafe Alsace Dessert

I'll keep this one short and sweet (see what I did there?). Lavender ice cream is literally one of the greatest things anyone has ever come up with.
I've been going to Cafe Alsace in Decatur for years and have always loved their Alsacian French cuisine, but the ice cream alone is worth the trip. Sweet and velvety as ice cream should be with the perfect amount of lavender make this an awesome Summer stop if you're in Atlanta. It's so good that I literally bought a lavender plant and will be trying my hand at making it this Summer.

What Sofi had wasn't exactly bad either. A warm pear tart with whipped cream and a creme anglaise. Normally that would have been my pick considering my love affair with fresh pears, but seriously. If the ice cream can make me want it that bad, it can for you too!

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