Sunday, June 3, 2012

The Corner Pub

From the chains to dive bars (I'm assuming there are some; ginger ale is about as adventurous as I get), Atlanta has no shortages of places for simple food and a drink. The Corner Pub in Decatur, however, isn't quite that simple. While the food certainly isn't pretentious, it is definitely more up-market than what you tend to find at other bars. This mixed with a quiet setting off of East College Ave. make it an awesome choice for some drinks or a satisfying meal.

Sofi and I went for the latter of that description.

To be honest, service really wasn't the best (they seemed seriously understaffed for a Saturday night). Making up for this, the waiter was super nice and recommended to me the fried pork chops. Having never been able to turn these down, even as a kid, I gladly took his advice. Sofi ordered broiled trout with a root vegetable mash and a pear / carrot coleslaw.

When the pork came out, it was seriously the best, but what a mound of food! The plate was honestly big enough for two people, even considering I can put it away. The flavor was fantastic, nice and crisp on the outside while the pork was primarily juicy within. I did find it a touch overcooked, but nothing to complain about.

Sofi's trout was also very nice and buttery with a crisp skin. I didn't so much care for the mashed root vegetables. They were a bit dry and lacked any sort of distinct flavor. As for the pear slaw, Sofi really liked that. I personally am not a fan of coleslaw and really any variety, and this was no exception. I won't personally judge this, although I do think it would have worked better if the pears were in season.

The one thing we did both agree on was the appetizer: fried goat cheese with a blueberry sauce. While the combination may sound a bit odd, trust me on this, it was completely phenomenal. The play of sweet and savory worked extremely well and the nice peppery arugula salad that it was served with was great.

That alone is reason to come back. Perhaps the pork chops too, especially if you want to split it with a friend!

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