Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Buford Highway

It's happened again. I've become lazy with my posts. This time I don't really have much of an excuse. School is out, however work is in full swing. I'll blame it on that for the time being. That said, here is a review of a Chinese restaurant on Buford Highway I went to a few weeks back. 
While not having any shortage of Asian restaurants to choose from, Buford highway can actually be a little intimidating because of the sheer number of choices. Chinese is usually a safe bet for food that is going to be good, and as opposed to most Chinese places in the suburbs (or really anywhere at this point) you get less Americanized and more authentic cuisine. 
In a small shopping center, my friend Elise and I discovered a great little place for awesome Chinese. The thing I was most impressed with from the get-go were the prices. The place was dirt cheap, and as I found out later, the food was absolutely worth more than the prices listed on the menu. 
I decided on orange beef, tender pieces of beef in an spicy-sweet orange sauce with bits of orange rind. This dish was absolutely great. I really love how the zest gave the dish more dimension and bite. Very nice and hearty over white rice. Elise had a tofu and mushroom dish. All I'll say is that I'm glad I ordered what I did. I'm usually the one ordering vegetarian options (personally because I love tofu) at Chinese places, but this wasn't my personal favorite. The mushrooms tasted canned, and the heavy cornstarch based sauce was uninspired. $20 for dinner for two is great, however. 
For dessert, we went across the street to a placed called Sweet Hut bakery for Chinatown style baked buns. I really enjoyed mine, which was filled with Nutella (hard to go wrong there honestly). Elise's had coconut and jelly in it which was really excellent as well. The inside of place felt upscale and was very modern, almost like a futuristic Starbucks (filled with futuristic hipsters using Samsung products). 

All in all, a successful trip for great food and a nice time! 

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