Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Green Ginger Peachtree City

Just a quick bit about tonight's dinner: Sofi and I went to Green Ginger in Peachtree City.
Let's start with the positives. The restaurant is gorgeous. Very modern finish, iPads as menus (which I personally thought was a fantastic waste of money), wood and glass everywhere with very colorful saltwater fish tanks. Some of the food was pretty darn good, particularly Sofi's udon noodles with vegetables and chicken. I had Pad Thai, which wasn't the best I've ever had (YMCMB) but it was good nonetheless. The highlight for Sofi was the red bean ice cream, a cool twist on a Korean favorite.

As far as the negatives go, it took the waiter forever to get to the table even to get us drinks, which I'll partially forgive because they seemed rather busy for a Tuesday night. As far as the food goes, the basil rolls we ordered were bland at best and the wrapper tasted like it had sat in the fridge too long. It was rubbery and much too tough for something that should have at least been made fresh that day. I had a bit of a better experience when I had lunch at their other location in Decatur several months back. I would definitely recommend lunch over dinner, which was slightly overpriced I thought. However, in Peachtree City, money isn't exactly the first thing on everyone's mind...
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